Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Kimberly Brook & James Van Der Beek Baby

DAWSON'S A DADDY ~ James Van Der Beek and his new bride Kimberly welcomed a daughter, Olivia, on September 25, 2010. 

"Had the blessing of becoming a father over the weekend... Couldn't come close to describing this bliss even if I had 140 million characters," he wrote on Twitter.

Former Dawson’s Creek star Van Der Beek and Brook, a business consultant, met last July.

Olivia ~ Latin; olive tree.

Star babies, daughters of:
  • Wanda Sykes
  • Tina Hobley
  • Justine Bateman
  • Beverly D'Angelo & Al Pachino
  • Eddie Vedder
  • Lisa Vidal
  • Denzel Washington
  • Tim Henman
  • Dick Wolf
  • Diane McInerney
  • John Edward
  • Lori Loughlin & Mossimo Gianulli
  • Sara Evans
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Friday, 17 September 2010

Big Kenny Baby

EXPANSION ~ Big Kenny and his wife Christiev adopted a baby boy this past July.  The couple welcomed Dakota Jefferson Holiday into their family.

"When they put Dakota in our arms, he has the most beautiful smile, and the moment Kenny started talking to him, Dakota lunged toward him," Christiev tells People magazine.  "We both looked at each other and it was like, 'Of course he is our son.' "

The couple are also parents to a 4½-year-old son, Lincoln William and they decided to adopt domestically after unsuccessfully trying for a second child.

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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Jools & Jamie Oliver Baby

UPDATE ~ Baby’s name is Buddy Bear Maurice and he weighed in at 6 lbs., 9 oz. Maurice honors Jools’ late father, who passed away in 1997 after a stroke.

September 15, 2010 ~ Jamie Oliver took to Twitter to announce the news; “It’s a baby boy guys!!! I’m shock[ed], we’re all very happy, mum was amazing and both are well and happy x4 kids!! What a great day!! Now I have to pretend to know about football!! All tips on boys [ac]cepted.”

The new addition was born naturally Wednesday, Sept. 15 in London and joins big sisters Petal Blossom Rainbow, 17 months, Daisy Boo Pamela, 7, and Poppy Honey Rosie, 8½.

The pregnancy — which was a bit of a happy accident — was announced in April.

Jools has been very open in the past about her use of hormone treatments to conceive the first two girls naturally and has published a non-fiction book about her problems conceiving. Minus Nine to One: The Diary of an Honest Mum, famously revealed intimate details of the couple's fertility process, including one about Jamie racing across London on his scooter to deliver a jam jar of his sperm to Hammersmith Hospital.

The couple have been married since 2000 and have known each other since they were 15.

He made his name on BBC2 as the Naked Chef and founded the restaurant chain, 15, to train disadvantaged young people. In recent years he has campaigned on public health issues, notably Jamie's School Dinners which campaigned for the provision of better quality meals for school children.

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Monday, 13 September 2010

Twos & Threes

Does it seem like there are more and more cases of twins/multiples in Hollywood these days? Could it be that Celebrities, like other "normal" couples are struggling with infertility and this is the result? Some Celebrities have been very candid about discussing their infertility and their desire and struggle to conceive. Statistics show that infertility is not just a female problem and that there are millions of couples are affected.

The naming of twins is just as fascinating as twins themselves. Mathew and Michael are an example of alliteration which is commonly used in keeping with characterizing like things or that twins are a set. Anagrams are used as well, for example, May and Amy or Nadia and Aidan. Some choose a name for it's meaning and incorporate two names with the same meaning like Elijah and Joel. Polar opposites make for an interesting contrast in names like Uri means light and Darcie means dark.Celebrities seem to blaze their own trail, the following is a sampling of some famous twins;

  • Aaron & Julian (Robert De Niro)
  • Adam & Daniel (Audrey Landers)
  • Ava & Stella (Peri Gilpin)
  • Bronwyn Golden & Slater Josiah Vance (Angela Bassett & Courtney B. Vance)
  • Caleb & Jaden (Lawrence Tynes)
  • Christian & Edward (Mel Gibson)
  • D'Lila Star & Jessie James Combs (Sean "Diddy" Combs & Kim Porter)Fraternal twins
  • Dakota & Danilee (Chuck Norris)
  • Danna & Debra (Dan Blocker)
  • Dexter Henry Lorcan & Frank Harlan James (Elvis Costello & Diana Krall)
  • Dylan & Hannah (Mark Pinter)
  • Dustin (f) & Gabrielle (Debby Boone)
  • Eden & Savannah Mahoney (Marcia Cross)
  • Elise & Kaden (Ricky Carmichael)
  • Ella & Silvan Valensi (Nick Valensi & Amanda de Cadenet)
  • Eva Ruth & Kathleen "Katie" Emilie (Martie Maguire)
  • Felice & Monica (Henry Mancini)
  • Gabriella & Benicio (Brian Fuentes)
  • Gunnar Eric & Matthew Gray (Ricky Nelson & Kristin Harmon)
  • Grace & Henry (Norah O'Donnell)
  • Grace & Isabella (Lou Diamond Phillips)
  • Hazel Patricia & Phinneaus Walter Moder (Julia Roberts & Danny Moder)
  • Henry Pays & Angus Moore (Corbin Bernsen)
  • Hunter & Jake (Niki Taylor & Matt Martinez)
  • Isabelle Rose & Grace Elizabeth (Lance Armstrong)
  • Jaid Thomas & Jax Joseph (Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon)
  • Jakob Dylan & Naiia Rose (Skeet Ulrich)
  • Jaylen & Sebastian (Daphne Duplaix)
  • Jocelyn & Paige (Ron Howard)
  • John Stacy & Kristopher Steven (Jane Seymour)
  • Johnnie Rose & Miller Steven (Melissa & Tammy Etheridge)
  • Joseph & Jacob (Mark Feinnes)
  • Julianna & Henry Robison (Emily Robison)
  • Julitta Dee & Hudson Harden (Marcia Gay Harden)
  • Kamryn (f) & Chase (Joe Sakic)
  • Keifer & Rachel (Donald Sutherland)
  • Kian William & Kaiis Steven Jarrahy (Geena Davis)
  • Liza & Matthew (Ed Asner)
  • Lucy Elizabeth & John David (Nancy Grace)
  • Maggie & Jack (Brendan Shanahan)
  • Mason Alan & Chase Evan (Eric Marsolf & Lisa)
  • Matthew & Gregory (Ray Romano)
  • Maya & Kaila (Justin Chambers)
  • Mollie & Peter (Meredith Baxter)
  • Nicolo & Isabel (Stanley Tucci)
  • Oscar & Elijah (Clare Bowditch)
  • Petr & Matej (Milos Forman)
  • Phillip & Dennis (Bing Crosby & Dixie Lee)
  • Rasheeda & Jamillah (Muhammad Ali)
  • Rocco Bertie & Jay Nicky (Nicky Byrne)
  • Rodney Jackson & Ryan Elizabeth (Rodney Peete & Holly Robinson Peete)
  • Ross & Rachel (Jane Pauley)
  • Roxanne & Joseph (Patricia Richardson)
  • Rufus Logan & Henry David (James Taylor)
  • Russell Ives & Keith Randell (Bruce Hornsby)
  • Sabrina & Sierra (Cindy Margolis)
  • Sascha & Matthew (Mia Farrow)
  • Shaina & Sam (Jason Hervey)
  • Shannon & Jett (Pat Cash)
  • Sullivan Patrick & Darby Galen (Patrick Dempsey)
  • Taylor & Devon (Michael Biehn)
  • Theo & Jaden (Cheryl Tiegs)
  • Tillie & Maisie (Matt Manfield)
  • Timolin & Casey (Nat King Cole)
  • Timothy & Gregory (Susan Hayward)
  • Trey Kulley & Dane Luke (Lee Majors)
  • Tristan & Benedick (Allan Bates)
  • Walker Steven & William Dalton (Adrienne Barbeau)
  • Will & Jesse (Wendy Wilson)
  • Zachariah & Ariel (Cybill Shepherd)
  • Zoe Grace & Thomas Boone (Dennis Quaid)
  • Barbara Ayala, Gweneth Gozales & Pilar Alma (Richard Thomas)
  • Jacob, Megan, & Alyssa (Luis Gonzalez)
  • Eric, Ted & Amie (Feenie Ziner)

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Tiffany Fallon & Joe Don Rooney Baby

SINGING LULLABIES ~ Joe Don Rooney and wife Tiffany Fallon have a new baby reports Bilboard.

Raquel Blue arrived on September 7, 2010morning. A statement from Rascal Flatts' publicist says mother and daughter are doing well.

Rooney says he and his wife "feel blessed and are ready for the sleepless nights ahead."

The couple's first child, big brother Jagger Donovan, was born in 2008.

Raquel ~ Portuguese; lamb.

Photo Source: Laurence Cottrell / FilmMagic

Friday, 10 September 2010

Danica McKellar Baby

ONE PLUS TWO = THREE ~ Danica McKellar and her husband Mike Verta are new parents People reports. The former Wonder Years star and bestselling author gave birth to her first child on September 7, 2010.  Draco Verta weighed 7 lbs., 2 oz. and takes his moniker – which means dragon – from the constellation of the same name.

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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Jodie Sweetin Baby

FULL HOUSE ~ Jodie Sweetin is a second time mom People magazine reports.

Beatrix Carlin arrived on August 31, 2010 and weighed 7 lbs., 4 oz. and was 19 inches long.  "Bea" is the first child for Sweetin and her boyfriend Morty Coyle.  Sweetin also has a 2-year-old daughter, Zoie, with ex-husband Cody Herpin.

Sweetin is best known for her role as Stephanie Tanner on the sitcom Full House from 1987 - 1995.

Beatrix ~ Latin; voyager through life.

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