Friday, 27 February 2009

Darcy Hordichuk Baby

CANUCK BABY ~ Another Canucks baby; winger Winger Darcy Hordichuk's wife Lisa delivered a baby boy on February 22, 2009. Braden Walker arrived early, he wasn't due until March 8 and Hordichuk rushed home from Ottawa to be there in time for the delivery. He tells the Vancouver Sun; “I think I’ve held one baby my whole life and now I’m holding this guy all the time,” Hordichuk said. “I’m trying to learn how to be a father on the go here . . . He is not potty-trained yet, but I’m sure that will come quick.”

Braden ~ English; broad, wide.

Walker ~ English; occupational name for a fuller.

Star babies, sons of:
  • Ann Curry
  • John Michael Montgomery
  • Jeremy Affeldt
  • Adrienne Barbeau & Billy Van Zandt
Photo Source: WireImage

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