Sunday, 27 July 2008

Erica Baxter Packer Baby

A NEW HEIR ~ According to The Age, Australian billionaire James Packer and his model/singer wife, Erica Baxter Packer have welcomed a daughter on July 27th, 2008. Indigo arrived at Mater Hospital in Crows Nest, Australia. Indigo is the first child for the couple, who married in France in June 2007.

James is the Executive Chairman of Publishing and Broadcasting Limited and he also runs family company Consolidated Press Holdings Limited. James' family fortune is valued in the neighbourhood of $6.1 billion.

Erica's first album, Through My Eyes, was released in April of 2007.

Indigo ~ Latin; deep blue.
  • Indigo is the name of Lou Diamond Phillips' daughter
Photo Source: WireImage

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