Thursday, 15 May 2008

Jo O'Meara Baby

S CLUB 7 MUMMY ~ Now Magazine UK is reporting that former S Club 7 lead singer Jo O’Meara has become a first time mum to a baby boy. The reality star is no longer with the father Lee but says; "He’s going to be loved by both his parents and he’s not going to see us feuding."

Jo started her music career in the hip hop/rap group 2-4 Family but was only a part of the group for one track before leaving to pursue other options. In her teenage years, O'Meara would serve food at her local pub in Ilford and it was there that someone from 19 Entertainment spotter her on stage and recruited her to join S Club 7. She was a prominent member of the British group, singing most of the group's lead vocals, as well as acting with the group in their own TV series. The group also had two reality shows S Club 7 Go Wild and S Club 7 Don't Stop Movin as well as S Club's own movie, Seeing Double. The band split in 2003. Jo did have a solo effort that resulted in a poor selling album. O'Meara also took part in the BBC gameshow Just the Two of Us and came third with her partner Chris Fountain (an actor in Hollyoaks ~ a British Soap Opera). We will not be commenting or including the details of her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother in this posting. She is apparently working on new material for a second solo album.

Photo Source: WireImage

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