Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Mike Oldfield Baby

LUCKY NUMBER 7 ~ The Daily Mail has a piece on British musician and songwriter Mike Oldfield, 54, and his wife Fanny Oldfield, 30, welcomed their second child together in January. Eugene is a little brother for Jake. Mike talks about being an older father; "It is hard work. As you get older it certainly gets harder. There is a cumulative effect where if you have 14 sleepless nights, it adds up and you get bleary-eyed. Eugene has good nights sometimes - but he is easy compared to Jake, who runs around like a chimpanzee so I have to run around after him. I am getting on a bit so I am following this little four-year-old around and having trouble keeping up." But he doesn't regret his decision to have more children and says that being an older dad has its advantages.

Mike's other children are; Molly, 28, Dougal, 26, and Luke, 21, with ex-partner Sally Cooper and Greta, 19, and Noah, 18, with Norwegian singer Anita Hegerland.

Eugene ~ Greek; well born, noble.

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