Monday, 18 February 2008

Leigh McClusky Babies

TODAY TONIGHT TWINS ~ Adelaide Now has a piece on fourth time mum Leigh McClusky. The couple were very open in the article about their IVF and the emotional drain. The twins, son Jock and daughter Tansy arrived early January. The former Today Tonight host and her husband Simon Haigh already had a 5 year old son Murdoch and almost 2 year old daughter Sigourney but decided they wanted to add to their family. Leigh says; "We had been trying for a while," she goes on to say "It's an emotionally-gruelling process to go through and we could not have been in better hands." The couple is very busy with four little ones under six.

Jock ~ Scottish; God has been gracious, has shown favour. Variation of Jacob ~ Hebrew; supplanter.

Tansy ~ Greek; eternal life.

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