Monday, 31 March 2008

Kelly MacDonald Baby

GREAT SCOTT, IT'S A BOY ~ According to Travisonline, Kelly MacDonald and her husband Travis bassist Dougie Payne are parents. Freddie Peter arrived on March 9th, 2008 and weighed in at 8 lbs., 11 oz. Dougie blogs; Hey all, It is with huge delight and enormous soppy grins that we can tell you we have a wee boy! Freddie Peter Payne was born on the 9th of March and weighed in at an impressive 8 lb 11 oz. He is blonde, blue eyed, bouncing and beautiful. Mum is doing great and baby is thriving. Dad's mind is blown in the best way possible. Fill your glasses with something fizzy!
love and joy, dkf

Kelly is a Scottish actor. She was in Nanny McPhee, All the Invisible Children and most recently in the Oscar winning movie No Country for Old Men which earned her a BAFTA nomination for Best Supporting Actress. On the silver screen her highest profile roles have been in two BBC dramas, 2003's State of Play and 2005's The Girl in the Café. For her performance in The Girl in the Café, MacDonald was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2006 and won an Emmy.

Dougie is the bassist and backing vocals for the Scottish band Travis.

The couple have been married since August of 2003 and reside in London.

Freddie ~ German; variation of Frederick ~ German; peaceful ruler. Numerous royalty from Prussia, Germany, and the Holy Roman Empire have borne this name.

Peter ~ Greek; rock. Peter was one of the disciples.

Star babies, sons of:

  • Meredith Baxter & David Birney
  • Kirk Douglas
  • Sally Field
  • Baryshnikov, Mikhail (dancer/actor) & Rinehart, Lisa (dancer)
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