Thursday, 10 July 2008

Nikki & Isaac Hanson Baby

HANSON EXPANSION ~ A People exclusive; on July 1, Isaac Hanson and his wife Nikki celebrated the arrival of their second son, James Monroe, in the family's hometown of Tulsa. Monroe weighed in at 8 lbs., 11 oz., and joins older brother Clark Everett (both boys go by their middle names in Hanson tradition). "The addition of Monroe to our family is incredible and exciting," Isaac, 27, the eldest of the rock trio Hanson, told the magazine. "With Monroe and Everett being so close in age, it will be great to watch them grow up together. Two little boys is going to be twice the fun," he adds.

Isaac's youngest brother, Zac, and his wife Kate just welcomed their first child, John Ira Shepherd Hanson in May. And middle brother Taylor has three children, for a total of six kids among the bandmates.

The couple have been married since September of 2006 and their son Everett arrived in April of 2007.

James ~ Hebrew; supplanter. Variation of Jacob.

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Monroe ~ Scottish/Gaelic; mouth of the river. Origianated as a surname for those who lived near the river's mouth.

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Anonymous said...

Everett was born in April of 2007. Not May.