Monday, 28 January 2008

Summer Sanders Baby

OLYMPIC PARENTS ~ Olympic swimmer (and former Skating with Celebrities host) Summer Sanders and her Olympic skier Erik Schlopy welcomed their second child on January 15th, 2008. Charles Robert Spider arrived at 2:33 a.m., weighing in at 8lbs., 7oz., and 20 ½ " long. Charles is a little brother for Skye Bella. Charles arrived on his grandfather Scholpy's birthday while Skye was born on grandfather Sanders' birthday.

He joins big sister Skye Bella, 21 months. The pregnancy was announced in November. Summer's due date had been January 8th. Interestingly, Skye arrived on Summer's father's 65th birthday, while Charles arrived on Erik's father's 65th birthday!

Source: Team Schlopy's Official Newsletter for January

Charles ~ French; derived from the Germanic Karl, meaning manly.

Celebrities that have chosen Charles:

  • Susan St. James & Dick Ebersol
  • Emily Robinson
  • Cynthia Nixon
  • Ben Harper
  • Mary Steenburgen & Malcolm McDowell
  • Chris O'Donnell
  • Russell Crowe & Danielle Spencer
Robert ~ English; bright with fame.

Star babies, sons of:
  • Lewis Arquette & Brenda "Mardi" Lewis
  • Jim Belushi
  • Grant Fuhr
  • Talia Shire
  • Bob Marley
  • Sonia Sorel & John Carradine

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