Thursday, 27 December 2007

Sinitta Babies

CHILDREN, TOYS & A SPARKLING TREE ~ The Sunday Mirror has a story about singer Sinitta and her perfect family Christmas. Sinitta and her husband Andy Willner can barely believe how lucky they are after years of sadness and uncertainty, they have two beautiful adopted children - a brother and sister. The couple had tried for children and have suffered the devastation of three miscarriages and two attempts at surrogacy.

The children's godfather is Simon Cowell - Sinitta's ex and also her boss in her TV roles as an X Factor style expert and a Grease Is The Word judge.

"I am addicted to motherhood," she says. "I thought by now I would have calmed down but I am still delighted every time I hear a murmur in the night, because it means I can go to them.
"Andy has to stop me waking them up - I am so in love with them."

Meanwhile there will be another addition to the family this Christmas. Sinitta will be reunited for the first time in nearly 17 years with her sister Greta who lives in the United States. Their mother - Canadian born Seventies disco diva Miquel Brown - was only 14 when Sinitta was born. Their father was not around and the sisters were taken in by relatives. She kept in touch with her mother but did not even know she had a sister until she was in her teens. "This year it is about family and us all being together," she says. She even received congratulations from her ex, Brad Pitt.

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