Monday, 8 October 2007

Thalía Sodi Baby

MUSIC EXECUTIVE & MUSICIAN PARENTS ~ Thalía delivered a daughter yesterday, October 7th, 2007. The baby girl, according to People en Espanol, is called Sabrina Sakaë and she weighed 8lbs, 4 oz. “Mother, father and baby Sabrina are all healthy and very happy and will be residing at their ranch in Colorado,” the singer’s publicist informs. The couple says that the name Sabrina means "princess" in English and Sakaë means “prosperity” in Japanese.

Sabrina ~ Latin; from the border. Sabrina is the Latin word for the Severn River in Wales. In Celtic legend, Sabrina was the name of a princess who was drowned in the Severn.

Sakaë ~ Japanese; prosperity.

Photo Source: Wireimage

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