Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Antonio Puerta Baby

ANTONIO PUERTA BECOMES DAD ~ Sports has a piece on the arrival of Seville FC player Antonio Puerta's son on October 21st, 2007. Spanish media said Aitor Antonio and his mother, model Mar Roldan were both in "good health" and that Sevilla president Jose Maria del Nido was among the well-wishers who visited the Sagrado Corazon hospital in Seville.

Aitor is already a season ticket holder of the club, whom his father helped to win back-to-back UEFA Cups and the King's Cup.

Sadly, 22 year old Antonio Puerta passed away August 28th after suffering a massive heart attack three days prior. Puerta had an incurable hereditary heart disease which was the cause of the heart attack, combined with organ failure and brain damage.

Aitor ~ Basque; noble.

Antonio ~ Italian; variation of Anthony ~ Latin; Roman clan name of uncertain etymology. Popular definitions include highly praiseworthy and priceless.

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