Sunday, 23 September 2007

Samantha Harris Baby

DANCING WITH THE BABY ~ E! News is reporting that Samantha Harris is a mom! The E! News correspondent and Dancing with the Stars delivered her first child today, Sunday September 23rd, 2007. Josselyn Sydney was born at 1:49 a.m. in Los Angeles weighing 6lbs, 12oz and is 20" long. "Michael and I are ecstatic to have a little girl to welcome into our lives," Harris told E! Online. "We can't wait to introduce her to our family and friends in the morning!"

Harris was slated to head back to work on Monday for the fifth season premier of Dancing with the Stars but will be on maternity leave and ABC will not be announcing her replacement so viewers will have to tune in to find out. She announced her with-child status this past April after fielding a few inquiries regarding her seemingly sudden new curves. "I did not get a boob job, but I have put on a little weight, because I am happy to finally say I am pregnant," the 33-year-old former model said at the time.

Before joining E!, Harris was a weekend host for Extra, and she has worked as a special correspondent for Good Morning America and has sat in as a guest chatter on The View. Her husband is Michael Hess a financial wholesaler.

Josselyn ~ French; variation of Jocelyn ~ French; derived from the German name Gautelen. Originally a boy's name.

  • Jocelyn is the name of Ron Howard's daughter
Sydney ~ French/English; derived from a French place name for Saint Denis. Another theory states that this name comes from Old English for wide island. Sydney is easily recognized as the name of Australia's oldest and largest city.

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