Sunday, 10 February 2008

Kerry Lucas Baby

KERRY LUCAS DELIVERY ~ According to Channel 7 News Adelaide, Kerry Lucas delivered a baby girl February 10th, 2008. Angelina arrived in the early morning hours and weighed 8lbs., 7oz.

Kerry told The Sunday Mail back in July; "This is our second baby and my baby boy will always be with us in spirit," an emotional Kerry said. "He is my little angel and always will be. Being positive about the situation is important for the baby, keeping yourself active and taking care of your body and mind." Having endured every parent's worst nightmare under the scrutiny of the media, Kerry said the support of her family and the public had been overwhelming. "I have always been a positive person and that has what has got me through this," she said. "In everyday life you have your ups and downs, but you have to move forward and take it day by day." Sharing the couple's delight in the news is Kerry's mother and "best friend" Bev Lucas. After the loss of their son in a tragic accident at the River Torrens, Wes and Kerry established the Leonardo Appeal in his memory which aides the Channel 7 Children's Research Foundation. Donations can be sent to The Leonardo Appeal, PO Box 2438, Regency Park, SA, 5942.

Angelina ~ Greek; variation of Angela. Latin/Italian; messenger of God. Feminine form of Angelus.

Celebrities that adore Angelina:

  • Wyclef Jean
  • Marcheline Bertrand & Jon Voight

Photo Source: The Sunday Mail

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