Saturday, 22 September 2007

Iyari Limon Baby

BABY GIRL FOR ACTOR ~ According to Iyari Interactive, her baby girl arrived on August 24th, 2007 and weighed 7lbs and was 19" long. She tells fans; "Natural birth....long painful labor and her name is Kimaya Thais. Kimaya = Divine in Sanskrit and Thais=Bond (Greek) She's adorable! Eats a ton like her mother and requires my attention 24 hours a day!!! We're completely in love with her. And yes, I got married not because I was pregnant, LOL. Her daddy's name is Alejandro, who I met over 10 years ago, but didn't remember. Our parents are from the same home town in Mexico. Small world....of all the places! [He] is the best father I could have ever dreamed of."

Iyari is best known for her role as Kennedy on Buffy the Vampire and is co-starring in the horror flick Death by Engagement about a cursed engagement ring that brings death to any woman that wears it.

Photo Source: Wireimage

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