Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Beckie Scott Baby

CANADIAN OLYMPIC MEDALIST A MOMMY ~ The Vancouver Sun has an article and this picture of Olympic gold medallist Beckie Scott and her son Teo Jacob. Teo was born within eight months of Beckie's teammate, Sara Renner's daughter. "Sara and I ended up delivering the babies with the same doctor, in the same hospital, only eight months apart, so it is getting more difficult to convince people we don't do everything together," joked Scott. "Sara's baby, Aria, was one of Teo's first visitors. It has been great to have Sara around to turn to, and ask questions about being a mom. It really has been a special experience to both become mothers in the same year." Teo arrived on September 16th, 2007 at the Banff Mineral Springs Hospital and is the first child for Scott and her husband Justin Wadsworth.

In a press release, Beckie said; "Standing on the Olympic podium is an incredible experience that I will never forget, but the day Justin and I finally got to meet and hold Teo for the first time was absolutely hands down, the best day of our lives," Scott will remain in North America while Justin will be on the road in early October as he is a coach with the United States cross-country ski team. "Being a ski coach and a father won't be the easiest combination, but the current coaching structure of the U.S. Ski Team allows us to have good quality home time between trips which I'm really excited for," said Wadsworth. "The first week of being a Daddy has been absolutely awesome and I know it is only going to get better. We are both so excited."

Scott retired from competition almost two years ago but is by far the most decorated cross-country skier in Canadian history, winning gold and silver in the Winter Olympics and a staggering 15 World Cup medals.

Teo ~ Spanish; variation of Theodore.

Jacob ~ Hebrew; supplanter. To seize by the heel.

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