Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Axel Dench Baby

AUSSIE BASKETBALL STAR IS A PROUD PAPA ~ Axel Dench and his wife Kathryn are parents. Xavier Anderson was born at on September 14th, 2007. Dench tells The Advertiser; "He was born at 8.28am, was 52cm and weighed eight pounds, eight ounces," The proud new dad gushes; "He has fair hair and the nurses said he is dazzlingly good-looking and a future playboy-to-be."

Dench said he and Kathryn had found out the baby's sex 20 weeks into the pregnancy; "Kathryn and I argued so much about names we decided to find out so we could eliminate half of the argument," he said. "It was a textbook birth."

Dench is an Aussie basketball player for the Adelaide 36ers.

Xavier ~ Basque; the new house.

Star babies, sons of:

  • Donnie Wahlberg
  • DMX

Anderson ~ Scottish; variation of Andrew ~ Greek/English/Scottish; manly, brave; from the Greek Andreas. Biblical, Andrew is the first of the twelve apostles chosen by Jesus and the brother of Peter.

  • Anderson is the name of Edie Falco's son

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