Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Romantic Names

LOVE is a sense of strong affection and comes in many forms such as romantic love, humanity, universal love, platonic love and familial love. Love is a constellation of emotions and experiences. Linked to love, the word romance historically was seen as an artistic expression of one's innermost desires.
The following is a sampling of names that mean love and endearment:

  • Aiko ~ Japanese; love child.
  • Alvira ~ Teutonic; dearly loved.
  • Amy ~ English; beloved. (David Foster & B.J. Cook, Anne Meara & Jerry Stiller, Willie Nelson, Regis Philbin, Maury Povich)
  • Aphrodite ~ Greek; goddess of love.
  • Aruba ~ Arabic; loves her husband.
  • Canan ~ Turkish; beloved.
  • Cara ~ Italian/Latin; beloved.
  • Caridad ~ Spanish; darling, beloved.
  • Carys ~ Welsh; derrived from caru meaning love. (Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas)
  • Charity ~ English; benevolent goodwill and love.
  • Chere ~ French; dear one, darling.
  • Cherese ~ English; dear one, darling.
  • Cheryl ~ English; dear one, darling.
  • Cupid ~ Roman; myth name of god of love.
  • Darla ~ Old English; dearling, darling.
  • Darlene ~ Anglo Saxon; tenderly loved.
  • Daryl ~ English; dearly loved. (Ice Cube)
  • Grania ~ Celtic/Gaelic; love.
  • Habiba ~ Arabic/Egyptian; beloved.
  • Kalei ~ Hawaiian; the flower wreath, the beloved.
  • Kama ~ Sanskrit; love.
  • Kari ~ Scandinavian; dear, valued, loved.
  • Lololi ~ West African; there is always love.
  • Maite ~ English; dearly loved. (William Petersen)
  • Mila ~ Russian; people's love.
  • Mina ~ German; love. (Antonio Sabato Jr.)
  • Mindy ~ German; love.
  • Morna ~ Celtic/Gaelic/Irish; dearly loved or tender.
  • Nazneen ~ Farsi; exquisitely beautiful, charming. A name used for a beloved woman.
  • Rose ~ English/French; flower. Symbol of love. (Rene Russo)
  • Salma; Persian; sweetheart.
  • Venus; Latin; goddess of love and beauty.
  • Vida ~ Hebrew; dearly loved.Philomena ~ Greek; greatly loved.


Süreyya said...

for Turkish:
Not Janan; Canan.

best regards from Turkey

Erin CBN Publisher/Editor said...

Many thanks for your comment and how exciting to have readers from Turkey!!! I strive for accuracy and so appreciate your correction. Keep reading and thanks again!!!


P.S. any tips on expectant celebrities from Turkey or star babies to report, I would be happy to post too.