Thursday, 2 August 2007

Carl Pettersson Baby

TWO TIME DAD ~ Carl Pettersson blogs for He had a lot to share this edition; his new addition. He arrived late to Akron, Ohio for the Bridgestone Invitational, with good reason, his wife gave birth a week early. 8 lb, 15 oz Chase arrived July 29th at 8:35. Carl blogs; "I guess it's a little different the second time around because you know more what to expect, but it still was very special. He and my wife are doing fine, which is the most important thing. DeAnna thinks he looks like me, but I don't know. They change so quickly when they are that young. Our daughter Carlie is pretty excited about having a little brother, too. She was a little scared seeing her mom in the hospital, but once we got them home, she was fine. She just wants to hold him and take care of him now. I am really looking forward to watching the two of them grow up."

He also writes; "I am going to miss the PGA Championship next week, though, to spend time with my family. I hate to miss a major, but being with my family is more important. There will be another PGA Championship next year, and I look forward to playing in it. I just couldn't be away from them for seven straight weeks."

Pettersson is a Swedish golfer but spent some time growing up in England and the United States, attending North Carolina State University. He turned professional in 2000 and in 2005 he won his first PGA Tour title thus becoming the third Swede to do so. His second PGA Tour title came in 2006.

Chase ~ English; hunstman.

Celebrities that cherish Chase:
  • Joe Sakic
  • Eric & Lisa Martsolf
Headshot Photo: Stan Badz/PGA TOUR

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