Friday, 20 July 2007

Rod Barajas Baby

DEFINITELY IT, MAYBE ~ According to the official site of the Philadelphia Phillies, catcher Rod Barajas and his wife Stacie have welcomed their sixth child. Daughter Aubrielle arrived on late July 17th in Arizona.

Barajas ties his teammates Jamie Moyer (Jamie's children are; sons Dillon James, Hutton Scott and McCabe Joseph and daughters; Timoney Jennifer, Duffy Margaret Joan and Grady Adele) and Jose Mesa (Jose's children are; sons Ralph, Juan Jose, Jesse and Jose Jr. and daughters Yamely and Yenny) as father's of six children. When he was asked if Aubrielle would be his last; "I'm definitely done ... for now," he said. "Never say never. You get to a number and you're like, I can handle one more. Now that we have the six, so we'll see if we can handle one more in the future."

Barajas is one of four siblings and his father was one of thirteen and his mother one of seven. "I had a lot of cousins, and aunts and uncles growing up, so I was always around the big family atmosphere," he said. The couple are parents to Andrew, Bryce, Aunalilia, Rod Jr. and Jace.

Aubrielle ~ English; blend of Aubrey and Gabrielle

Photo Source: Wireimage

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