Friday, 20 July 2007

Michael Valkais Baby

ADELAIDE UNITED CAPTAIN & DADDY ~ The Advertiser is reporting on Michael Valkanis' big week; first came the Adelaide United captaincy, then yesterday, July 19th at 8 a.m. he became a father. Michael and his wife Venita welcomed son Ianni into the world. "Big boy, 10.2 pounds, 55cm long; maybe he's looking towards the AFL, this one," Michael says.

They named Ianni after Venita's father. The couple also has a 21 month old son Dimitri who was named after Michael's father. "In keeping with the Greek tradition the boys are named after our parents," he adds.

Can we expect to see the boys lining up for the Reds in years to come? "I wish the father-son rule comes out in our code, then both boys could play. Maybe one could even be captain one day," he says

Ianni ~ Greek; form of John.

Photo Source: The Advertiser

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