Monday, 9 July 2007

Cory Sullivan Baby

DID HE RECEIVE THE CALL? ~ Unconfirmed report; Rockies centre fielder Cory Sullivan and his wife Bresee have welcomed a son. Riley Daniel made his arrival on July 5th at 2:10 a.m. in Denver, Colorado.

The Rockies official site had an article on June 27th as he had received the call to start against the Cubs but was waiting on another call, the one from his wife as she was expecting their first child any moment. "[Rockies' assistant trainer] Scott Gehret usually has my phone during the game, so if anything calls, he's got it," Sullivan said. "My mom is with my wife at all times.
"If she does have the baby today, or whenever it is during the game, I'll just head back [to Denver] and meet the team in Houston. Hopefully, she doesn't have it for four more days, then we'll be at home and it'll work out well."

Cory is an alumni of Wake Forest University and made his major league debut with the Colorado Rockies on April 4th, 2005.

The couple have been married since November of 2006.

Riley ~ Irish; brave.

  • son of Holly Marie Combs (actor)
Daniel ~ Hebrew; God is my judge.

Celebrity babies named Daniel, sons of:
  • Pat Cash (athlete) & Anne-Britt Kristiansen (model)
  • Audrey Landers (actor)
  • Donatella Versace (designer) & Paul Beck (model)
  • Joseph "Run" Simmons (musician)
  • Natasha Richardson (actor) & Liam Neeson (actor)
  • Solange Knowles (musician) & Daniel Smith (athlete)
  • Dan Rather (t.v. personality/journalist)
  • Patricia Heaton (actor) & David Hunt (actor)

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