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Alyssa-Jane Cook Baby

AUSSIE BABY ~ Australian actor Alyssa-Jane Cook and her husband Gary Davis welcomed their third child on May 7th, 2007 at Sydney's Mater Hospital. Lucca James Anthony is little brother to Georgia-May 11 and Ruby-May 8. The baby weighed in at 8 lbs, 14 oz and was born on May 7, 2007 at Sydney’s Mater Hospital, weighing 3.7kg and measuring just over 20" long.

Alyssa-Jane shares her birth story with the Australian Women's Day Magazine. Her delivery was not complication free, first she was given the bad news that her obstetrician was on holidays and she’d been assigned to a locum; “It wasn’t an ideal situation but she turned out to be a very competent doctor – especially when we were down to the tin tacks of giving birth and things suddenly started going wrong.” AJ was assisted by birthing partners mom Diane and best friend Alison Gallagher and they could see something was wrong; “I could sense things were wrong. The midwife must have hit some panic button because suddenly in came about six people — including a specialist midwife. The cord was caught round his neck so the doctor had to reach in and try to release it and at that stage she started looking really concerned. Suddenly the umbilical cord split. It was panic stations then and they had to get the baby out quickly so he could breathe on his own.”

Lucca has broken the all girl baby pattern in AJ’s family; “Yes, we’ve broken the curse for now. My mum cried and I think my dad was very chuffed with having a grandson in the family. But we had another birth in the family since Lucca and she was another girl cousin, so maybe our boy was just a fluke!”

The couple discusses their name choice, Gary was given the honour to name their son and chose Lucca after the Tuscan town where the family vacationed last year; “We had been trying to have a baby for three or four years. We had gone down the IVF route and decided not to do it and had almost given up hope. Then we went on a trip to Lucca in Italy, where Alyssa’s mum lives, and had a wonderful time. Not long after returning from that trip Alyssa fell pregnant.”

Source: Australian Women's Day Magazine, July 23 2007 issue, pages 14-16

Lucca ~ Italian; variation of Luke ~ Greek; light giving.

Celebrities that love Lucca:

  • Colin Firth ~ Luca
  • Chantal Kreviazuk & Raine Maida ~ Lucca Jon
James ~ ~ Hebrew; supplanter and is a variant of Jacob. James is a royal name associated with kings of England and Scotland. Spanish: Diego, Jaime, Yago. Scottish: Hamish.

Celebrities that have also used the name James for their little stars;

  • Art Garfunkel
  • Jon Voight
  • Belinda Carlisle
  • Jerry Hall & Mick Jagger
  • Thomas Gibson
  • Annie Potts

Anthony ~ Latin: Roman clan name ~ uncertain derivation; popular meanings are highly praiseworthy and priceless.

Photo Source: Austrailian Women's Day Magazine

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