Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Ian Stenlake Baby

UPDATE ~ The baby is introduced in Australian's Woman’s Day Magazine along with an interview with the couple.

Some highlights; Tahlula took her time to make her entrance! “She was a week overdue, so I was trying everything - accupunture and long walks and all the rest. I’m sure you can fill in the blanks! We tried all the old wives tales, but she would not come out. She has a strong mind of her own, like her mother.”

Ian made a mad dash from Queensland to Sydney for Tahlula’s birth; “Rachael rang me at 5 am the next morning and said ‘well I had my first weird feeling at midnight…,’ and by midday, Rachael’s contractions were about five or six minutes apart. At about 2pm, [executive producers] Hal [McElroy] and Di [McElroy] pulled me off set - I get a bit emotional just thinking about this - and said ‘we’re sending you home, no matter what, you’re going to be at the hospital tonight!’ I completely broke down just for a moment. I arrived at the hospital at 11.15pm so I missed the birth by an hour-and-three-quarters. But it was so incredible to come into the room and see Rachael exactly where she was when she’d given birth, which was on the floor on a mattress. The baby was still suckling and still attached to the placenta. I was able to cut the cord.” Ian was so grateful he was able to cut Tahlula’s cord; “I’m so thankful, I was able to give Tahlula her first bath and I changed her first nappy. I just stared at … them until about 3am. It was just the most amazing thing.” Rachael had the assistance from a doula during the birth.

Source: Woman’s Day, June 18 2007 issue, pages 14-16.

IT TAKES TWO ~ Actor, Ian Stenlake and his wife, singer and It Takes Two star, Rachael Beck welcomed their first daughter, Tahlula at 9.30pm on January 15 2007.

Tahlula ~ Native American; leaping water. Variations; Tallulah, Tallula, Talulah, Talulla.

  • Bruce Willis (actor) & Demi Moore (actor) ~ Tallulah Belle
  • Jessie Wallace (actor/make-up artist) ~ Tallulah Lilac
  • Simon Le Bon (musician) & Yasmin (model) ~ Tallulah Pine
  • Patrick Dempsey (actor) & Jillian Fink (stylist) ~ Talula Fyfe

Photo Source: Wireimage

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