Monday, 4 June 2007

Michael Hussey Baby

CRICKETER ANNOUNCEMENTS ~ According to the Sunday Mail (page 53), Cricketer Michael Hussey and his wife Amy were looking forward to a relaxing break and to prepare for the birth of their third child after Mike returned from the World Cup however, their daughter decided to arrive 3 months premature. Molly arrived at the end of May in Perth. She is a little sister to 3 year old Jasmine and 1 year old William. The baby is in good health and they are planning to bring her home soon.

The Hussey’s aren’t the only cricketing family to welcome their third child, Hussey's teammate Matthew Hayden and his wife Kellie added to their family in May as well ~ Thomas Joesph.

Molly ~ Irish/English; bitter. Derived from the Gaelic Maili or Maille (which is a pet form of Mary ~ Irish)

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