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Anne Wood Baby

DANCING WITH THE BABIES ~ Professional dancer and Australia's Dancing With The Stars judge, Todd McKenney and his best friend, actor Anne Wood welcomed a baby girl. Charlotte made her arrival at 9:53 a.m. on June 2nd, 2007 after a 12 hour labour. The baby girl weighing 7.5 lbs and was 19.5 inches long.

Todd is absolutely ecstatic about meeting his little girl and was quoted by New Idea magazine (June 16th issue, pages 6-8); “I’m in baby heaven, I know everyone says their child is the most beautiful, but ours really is. When they handed to me, I lost it. I instantly saw a really easy combination of Anne’s cheekbones and bone structure, and my dad’s eyebrows. To see yourself in this little baby is just incredible.” Todd missed the birth as he was performing in his show ‘Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks’ in Sydney; “It was disappointing to miss the birth, it was nerve-wracking to listen to Anne when her father Bill rang from the hospital - that tore my heart out. I don’t know whether I’d have enjoyed watching the labour, but I’d have loved to be there out the front handing out cigars.” Todd jumped on the first plane on Sunday to fly home to Melbourne to meet his daughter where he spent three days with his ladies before returning to work in Sydney for a previous commitment. “I’ve changed nappies and bathed the baby already … [so] it was really hard driving away, [but] the great thing is I can picture her face. It’s a really euphoric feeling.”

The best friends made a pact 20 years ago that if they were both single and still keen to have children when Todd turned 40, then they’d consider having a child together but lead separate lives; “We kind of made this pact, she’s my best friend in the whole world and it stayed in my mind.” On his 40th birthday, he spoke to Anne who reminded him of their 20-year promise to consider parenthood together; “I probably wouldn’t have gone out canvassing my women friends for a baby, but it was something I knew I could do with Anne. I always knew I’d have a child and I knew Anne was always going to have a kid and I think we’ll be a great balance for each other. That’s why it only felt right with Anne. She’ll provide something unique and I’ll also provide something unique.”

Todd said that their baby was conceived through IVF and even if he was straight and single at 40 he’d still want to have a baby with Anne. Their daughter will also know the truth about her parents relationship as soon as she’s old enough to understand how she was conceived; “Charlie will be brought up in an honest way. Honesty is important to me and I tend to live my life that way. She’ll be able to watch two people having an open, honest relationship. Our child needs to get used to this from day one. Charlie will be a showbiz kid with a really spiritual bedding.”

The name Charlotte was inspired by Todd’s father; “My dad called me Charlie all through my childhood and I haven’t met a Charlie I didn’t like.” As for Charlotte having Anne's surname, it was a joint decision as they feel that Charlotte Wood is a stronger name; “It feels like a survivor’s name.”

Todd and Anne also haven’t ruled out having more children.

Source: New Idea, June 16 2007 issue, pages 6-8.

Charlotte ~ French; strong. Feminine form of Charles. The name of many Queens in history.
  • Cassandra Harris (actor) & Pierce Brosnan (actor)
  • Jill Goodacre (model) & Harry Connick Jr. (musician/actor)
  • Shiva Rose & Dylan McDermott (actor) ~ Charlotte Rose
  • Christa Miller (actor) & Bill Lawrence (writer) ~ Charlotte Sarah
  • Amy Brenneman (actor) & Brad Silberling (director) ~ Charlotte Tucker

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