Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Dwayne Wade Baby

MIAMI HEAT ARRIVAL ~ NBA All-Star Dwayne Wade and his wife are the proud parents of their second son. According to, Dwayne and his wife Siohvaughn are both "excited" and "blessed". Zion Malachi Airamis made his arrival yesterday, May 29th at 8:45 p.m. in Chicago. It was reported on that the couple chose to have the baby in their home state of Illinois to be closer to their families. Zion weighed in at 6lbs, 11oz. and was 21 inches long. Both mother and son have been reported as doing great and everyone is happy and healthy.

Wade is currently recovering from injuries. Back in February he missed more than 6 weeks with a dislocated shoulder and has recently undergone surgery on both his shoulder and knee. Wade let the Miami Heat to it's first NBA championship in 2006. Shiohvaughn is the founder/President of the A Woman's Worth Foundation in Chicago and Miami. The foundation hosts life skills and leadership programs for at-risk girls.

The couple, both 25, are high school sweethearts. They currently reside in Florida with their other son, 5 year old Zaire.

Zion ~ Hebrew; name of an ancient citadel located in the center of Jerusalem. Zion is also used to refer to Isreal and to heaven.

Zion is also the name of Lauryn Hill's son.

Malachi ~ Hebrew; messenger of God.

Airamis ~ variation of Aramis; French fictional swordsman (from Dumas' Three Musketeers).

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Jimeoin Baby

FUNNY DADDY ~ According to Who, Comedian Jimeoin and his wife Catherine welcomed their third child sometime in May. The couple were seen at the Melbourne premiere of Eric Bana's new film Romulus, My Father toting Grace in a "baby capsule". Grace is a baby sister for Rose and Mario.

Jimeoin was born in Warwickshire England and is an actor and a live touring stand-up comedian. He grew up in Northern Ireland and moved to Australia when he was 22 and now resides in Melbourne with his wife Catherine. He has starred in and co-written two Australian feature film comedies, 1999s The Craic and in 2005 The Extra. He has appeared on the small screen for 3 seasons in his own comedy TV show Jimeoin and also was a player on the sitcom Bligh.

Grace ~ Latin; grace of God. English; lovely or graceful, a virtue. Variations; Ance, Gratia (German), Grazia, Graziosa (Italian), Engracia, Gracia, Graciana, Graciela (Spanish), Grazyna (Polish), Kalake (Hawaiian), Gracella (Latin), Gracelynne, Graca, Graciene, Gracinha, Grata; familiar forms Gracelyn, Gracie.

Star babies that have got Grace:

  • Sharon Davies (athlete) & Derek Redmond (athlete)
  • Norah O'Donnell (t.v. news correspondent) & Geoff Tracy (restaurateur)
  • Dave Matthews ~ Grace Anne
  • Lance Armstrong (athlete) ~ Grace Elizabeth
  • Rupert Murdoch, Rupert (media mogul) ~ Grace Helen
  • Meryl Streep (actor) ~ Grace Jane
  • Lou Diamond Phillips (actor) ~ Grace Moorea
  • Balthazar Getty
    Elisabeth & Tim Hasselbeck ~ Grace Elisabeth
  • Wynonna Judd ~ Grace Pauline
  • Christy Turlington & Ed Burns

Photo Source: Wireimage

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Sean Murray Baby

NCIS BABE ~ Actor Sean Murray posted on his fanclub site that he and his wife, Carrie James welcomed a baby girl on May 3rd. The couples first child has been named Caitlyn Melissa.

Murray is part of the Navy NCIS cast as Timothy McGee and has also been on JAG.

Caitlyn ~ American variation of Irish Caitlin; Irish meaning pure, innocent. Variation of Catherine.

Melissa ~ Greek; honeybee. A mythological Greek nymph who fed honey to the infant god Zeus and was later transformed into a bee.

Friday, 25 May 2007

Connie Nielsen Baby

METALLICA BABY NEWS ~ A post on announces the birth of their drummer Lars Ulrich and girlfriend's first child together. Gladiator actress Connie Nielsen gave birth to Bryce Thadeus on May 21st. The post says "Mother's doing well, Dad's in awe, and brothers Layne, Myles, and Sebastian are psyched!" Bryce joins two families; Sebastian is Nielsen's son from a previous marriage and Ulrich has Myles and Layne also from a previous marriage.

The actress and Ulrich, both 42 have been dating 2 years. The couple revealed last December they were expecting a baby. Also last year, Nielsen was cast as Detective Dani Beck on NBC's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Besides being a mommy, she'll star opposite Ethan Hawke in the drama Tonight at Noon and will appear with Charlize Theron in Battle in Seattle.

Bryce ~ English; speckled. Anglo-Saxon; son of a nobleman.

Bryce is the name of Ron Howard's daughter, actor Bryce Dallas Howard.

Thadeus ~ Greek; meaning brave or wise.

Photo Souce: Wireimage

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Tyler Florence Baby

BABY FOOD ON THE MENU ~ According to the AOL Food Blog, Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence sees making baby food in his future. Hayden was welcomed by Tyler and his wife Tolan in San Francisco and weighed in at 9 lbs 6 oz and was 21" long.

Hayden ~ English; from the hedged valley.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Sheryl Crow Baby

SHERYL CROW WILL BE SINGING LULLABYS ~ Singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow has announced on her website that she is a mommy! She has adopted a baby boy who was born 2 weeks ago. She has chosen the name Wyatt Steven. On her website she explains that Wyatt is named after her father and the middle name Steven is after her little brother and manager Steven "Scooter" Weintraub.

UPDATE ~ Sheryl is featured on the current issue of OK! Magazine with baby Wyatt, the issue is on newstands now and has an interview and several more pictures inside.

Wyatt ~ English; guide.

Star babies ~ son of Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn and is the middle name for Kevin Costner's son.

Steven ~ variation of Stephen ~ Greek; crowned in victory

Photo Source: Kevin Mazur/Wireimage

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Norah O'Donnell Babies

IT'S A BOY AND A GIRL ~ According to The Washington Post, MSNBC Chief Washington correspondent Norah O'Donnell and her husband chef Geoff Tracy welcomed twins on Sunday, May 20th. Grace weighed in at 6lbs, 8 oz and her brother Henry was 5lbs, 2 oz and both measured 18 3/4".

Grace ~ Latin; grace of God. English; lovely or graceful, a virtue. Variations; Ance, Gratia (German), Grazia, Graziosa (Italian), Engracia, Gracia, Graciana, Graciela (Spanish), Grazyna (Polish), Kalake (Hawaiian), Gracella (Latin), Gracelynne, Graca, Graciene, Gracinha, Grata; familiar forms Gracelyn, Gracie.

Star babies that have got Grace:

  • Balthazar Getty
  • Elisabeth & Tim Hasselbeck
  • Wynonna Judd
  • Dave Matthews
  • Meryl Streep
  • Christy Turlington & Ed Burns
  • Mia Hamm & Nomar Garciaparra
Henry ~ German; rules his household. From the German Heinrich. The name Henry has belonged to eight English Kings.

Celebrities that honour their Henry:
  • Dennis Hopper
  • Julia Louis Dreyfuss & Brad Hall
  • Meryl Streep
  • Steve Zahn
  • Amanda Pays & Corbin Bernsen
  • Heidi Klum & Seal

Jon Heder Baby

NAPOLEON DYNAMITE DAD ~ According to People, Napoleon Dynamite star Jon Heder and his wife, Kirsten, have released the name of their daughter but not the date of arrival. Evan Jane Heder, is "safe and sound and healthy," says the rep for Heder who spoke to People.

Back in March, at the Los Angeles premiere of Heder's comedy with Will Farrell, Blades of Glory, the actor told reporters that his wife, who accompanied him, was due any second.

The couple met when they were both students in Utah at Brigham Young University. Heder who hails from Oregon catapulted to stardom with his breakout role playing Napoleon Dynamite in the 2004 film of the same name. He has also starred in Just Like Heaven, Bench Warmers and School for Scoundrels.

Evan ~ Scottish; variant of John; (Celtic) young warrior

Evan is the son of Diana Ross and Bruce Springstein.

Jane ~ Hebrew; God is gracious. Feminine form of John and a variant of Joan.

Jane is the name of Jim Carrey's daughter.

Photo Source: Wireimage/John Shearer

Ashleigh Banfield Baby

COURT TV NEWS ~ According to US Magazine, Ashleigh Banfield and her husband Howard Gould welcomed their second son in New York, Monday morning. Ridley Banfield weighed in at 7 pounds 8 ounces and is doing fine according to their rep.

The couple have been married since July 2004 and are parents to Jay Fischer, 19 months.

Ashleigh joined Court TV News in July 2005 and is co-anchor of the trial coverage program Banfield and Ford: Courtside. She has served as a correspondent and anchor for NBC News and MSNBC. She received an EMMY nomination for her live reports from the World Trade Center in NYC following the terrorist attacks on 9/11. In January of this year, she signed on to host celebrity gossip show Hollywood Heat.

Ridley ~ English; from or near the red meadow. Variation of Radley.

Frank Lampard Baby

BABY GIRL FOR BRIT FOOTBALLER ~ UK's Now Magazine reports that Frank Lampard has another reason to celebrate after winning the FA cup this weekend, he is a father again. His fiance, Elen Rives, delivered the couples second daughter on Sunday, May 20th via Cesarean section. Isla was born at 1:52 pm and weighed 6lbs, 8 oz. The couple also have a daughter, Luna Coco Patricia who is just under 2.

Isla ~ Celtic/Gaelic; island. Scottish; from Islay, a name of an island off the Scottish coast.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Ross Aloisi Baby

SOCCER PLAYER IS A 3RD TIME DAD ~ According to The Advertiser, Soccer player Ross Aloisi and his wife Lisa welcomed their third child. Mattias arrived on May 17th, 2007 and joins siblings Christian, 6 and Gabrielle, 3.

Ross and Lisa are separated however, maintain a good relationship for their children. Ross will also be moving to New Zealand to play soccer for the Wellington Phoenix.

Mattias ~ Swedish; variation of Matthew ~ Hebrew; gift of God.

Friday, 18 May 2007

Mary McCormack Baby

BROTHERS AND SISTERS - IT'S A SISTER ~ Actor Mary McCormack of The West Wing and her husband, Brothers and Sisters producer Michael Morris have welcomed a baby girl on Tuesday, May 15th. The is the couple's second daughter, big sister Margaret is 2 1/2. The latest McCormack-Morris production remains nameless.

Photo Source: Wireimage

Jonathan Davis Baby

3RD SON FOR KORN SINGER ~ Korn frontman Jonathan Davis and his wife Deven welcomed another boy on April 28th via c-section. Zeppelin joins big brothers Pirate, 2, and Nathan, 11. The news first broke by HardDrive Radio that the couple had the baby.

Source: KoRn Underground

Photo Source: Wireimage

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Ed Sanders Babies

PUTTING ON AN ADDITION ~ According to, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition designer Ed Sanders and his make-up artist wife Gioia are going to need an addition on their house as they welcomed triplet daughters on May 5th in Los Angeles. Scarlette, Azure, and Lucia made their arrivals about 6 weeks early just in time to celebrate Mother's Day with their big brother Max who will be 5 in June. The girls are healthy and combined weight were 12lbs; Scarlette was 3lbs, 15oz, Azure was also 3lbs, 15oz and Lucia was 4lbs, 2oz.

Sanders hails from London and came to the U.S. back in 2004 to try to break into American television. He will be hosting the upcoming ABC show National Bingo Night.

Scarlette ~ English; red.

  • daughter of Jack White & Karen Elson ~ Scarlett Teresa
  • daughter of Sylvester Stallone & Jennifer Flavin ~ Scarlet Rose

Azure ~ Latin; bluish colour. French form of Azura ~ Persian; sky blue.

Lucia ~ Italian; light. Variation of Lucy.

  • Lucia is the middle name for Ani DiFranco & Mike Napolitano's daughter ~ Petah Lucia

Photo Source: Wireimage

Francesco Totti Baby

MOTHER'S DAY GIFT ~ reported that Italian footballer Francesco Totti and his wife Ilary Blasi, welcomed a baby girl into the world on Mother's Day! The couple have named the 6lb, 9oz baby girl Chanel and she is the first daughter for the couple as they have an 18 month old son, Christian, who according to the article chose the name for his sister.

Chanel ~ French surname; meaning channel.

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Jeff White Baby

AFL'S NEWEST PARENTS ~ According to the Herald Sun, Melbourne AFL player Jeff White and his wife Stacy are parents to a son. Kalani Jordon made his arrival on April 5th, 2007 in Melbourne after a four hour labour. "The boys are already going for the father-son rule as he's been a pretty good kicker," from the proud new dad.

Stacy was surprised at the constant attention from the nurses at Cabrini Hospital; “They kept dropping in to see us even if they were off duty. Then I realised they all know Jeff because of all the time he’s spent in here. [White suffered an horrific facial injury at the end of 2005 and had five metal plates and 14 screws inserted in his jaw] I think his father’s hoping he’s going to play golf, which is a non-contact sport.”

The couple chose the name because of it's meaning; "Kalani, which means heavenly or sky in Hawaiian".

Kalani ~ Hawaiian; the sky, the heavens. Chieftain.

Jordon ~ Variation of Jordan ~ Hebrew; to flow down. The river in Palestine where Jesus was baptized has been used as a given name since the Crusades.

Nicole Sullivan Baby

MAD TV MOMMY ~ According to US Magazine, actor Nicole Sullivan is a mommy just in time for Mother's Day. The baby boy arrived yesterday evening, May 12th in Los Angeles. The baby's name is Dashel Pierce and weighed 8lbs, 10oz.

Sullivan is a Mad TV alumni and a regular on Scrubs. Her husband, Jason Packham is also an actor and this is their first child.

Pierce ~ English; rock, an older form of Peter.

Photo Source: Wireimage

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Michael Edgley Baby

1ST TIME GRANDFATHER IS 6TH TIME FATHER ~ Showbiz promoter, Michael Edgley has become a first-time grandfather and six-time father within weeks. Michael and his fiancee, Justine Summers, a former principal dancer with the Australian Ballet welcomed a girl March 17th. Summer Rae Edna June made her arrival fourteen weeks after her nephew, Jasper (Michael’s eldest daughter Sasha gave birth to the baby boy). According to New Idea magazine, Michael said; “Fortunately one is a boy and one is a girl because at my age I can tell them apart easier.”

The name Summer Rae comes from Justine’s last name and her middle name (Rae) as well as Michael’s mum Edna and Justine’s mum June, but Summer Rae had a cute nickname while she was in Justine’s tummy; “We found out we were having a girl at 20 weeks, the ultrasound specialist said ‘we’re 99 per cent sure it’s a girl’ and so from that point on everyone referred to her as ‘99′ [Michael adds] I’m getting use to Summer Rae but to me she’s still ‘99′.”

The couple will marry in October on Magnetic Island, where the couple already have a special connection with; “Summer was conceived on Magnetic Island. Conceived in paradise and she has turned out to be paradise.”

Michael has five children from his previous relationships; Mark 43, Sasha 33, Capi 32, Gigi 29 and Jake 20 and one grandchild, Jasper.

Source: New Idea, March 12 2007 issue , pages 44-45.

Summer ~ English; born in summer. Season.

  • Mia Farrow's daughter is named Summer

Rae ~ English; doe. Familiar form of Rachel or feminine form of Ray.

  • Tommy Chong's daughter is named Rae

Edna ~ Hebrew/Celtic: pleasure, delight. Derived from the same root for the biblical Garden of Eden.

June ~ Latin; young. The month of June was named after the Roman goddess Juno (Iunius).

Melissa McCarthy Baby

GILMORE GIRLS' GIRL ~ According to several Gilmore Girl's fan sites, Melissa McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone welcomed a daughter on Saturday, May 5th. Melissa plays Lorelai's best friend Sookie St. James and her husband also an actor has appeared on television as well; Joey, The Class and My Name is Earl.

Melissa is cousin to Jenny McCarthy.

No name has been released as of yet.

Friday, 11 May 2007

Jaime Pressly Baby

MIRA QUE TIENE COSA LA MUJER ESTA! ~ A exclusive, Jaime Pressly and her fiancé, Eric Calvo, welcomed their son, Dezi James this morning in Los Angeles. Dezi arrived at 7:31 a.m. and weighed 6 lbs, 4oz.

The name is a running joke for the couple as the Cuban-American Eric does a Desi Arnaz impersonation, calling Pressly "Luuucy" when he comes home at night and James is the name of Pressly's father.

Jaime is an Emmy-nominated actress for her work on the series My Name Is Earl and she also keeps busy with her own clothing line "J'aime". Calvo is a DJ and goes by the name of DJ Cubiche. The couple have been friends for over nine years and dated for a year and a half before getting engaged last October.

Dezi ~ variation of Desi which is Spanish; desire.

James ~ Hebrew; supplanter and is a variant of Jacob. James is a royal name associated with kings of England and Scotland. Spanish: Diego, Jaime, Yago. Scottish: Hamish.

Celebrities that have also used the name James for their little stars;

  • Art Garfunkel
  • Jon Voight
  • Belinda Carlisle
  • Jerry Hall & Mick Jagger
  • Thomas Gibson
  • Annie Potts
Photo Source: Wireimage

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Claire Richards Baby

TWO WEEKS OVERDUE ~ Claire Richards official site announced that the baby is finally here! Charlie, arriving 2 weeks late, was born on May 8th after 15 hours of labour. The baby boy also shares his birthday with Ian "H" Watkins, Claire's former band member. This is the first child for Claire and Reece.

Claire was in the English pop quintet Steps.

Charlie ~ English; variation of Charles ~ French; derived from the Germanic Karl, meaning manly. A royal name borne by ten kings of France and introduced to Great Britain by Mary, Queen of Scots who named her son Charles James which started a legacy; his sons and grandsons were also named Charles. Prince of England.

Celebrities that used Charlie/Charles for their little stars:

  • Susan St. James & Dick Ebersol ~ Charles
  • Emily Robinson ~ Charles Augustus "Gus"
  • Cynthia Nixon ~ Charles Ezekiel
  • Ben Harper ~ Charles James
  • Chris O'Donnell ~ Charles McHugh
  • Russell Crowe & Danielle Spencer ~ Charles Spencer
  • Ed Asner ~ Charlie
  • Soledad O'Brien ~ Charlie
  • Jamie & Louise Redknapp ~ Charlie
  • Mimi Rogers ~ Charlie
Photo Source: Claire's official site

Rico Gear Baby

NEW ZEALAND RUGBY STAR HAS SON ~ reported that Crusaders' winger Rico "Levi" Gear and his wife Taina, welcomed their son on Friday, May 4th. The baby's name is Whaimauri Hosea and weighed in at 9lbs., 9oz.

Hosea ~ Hebrew; salvation.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Touriya Haoud & Greg Vaughan Baby

SOAP BABY ~ Actor Greg Vaughan and his wife, Dutch model and actor Touriya Haoud are new parents. On Friday, May 4th, the couple welcomed their first child Jathan James.

Vaughan is currently Lucky on daytime's General Hospital. He was also a series regular on the series Charmed and has also appearred on The Young & The Restless. In 2002, Greg was named one of People Magazine's "Sexiest Men Alive".

Jathan ~ Greek; healer.

James ~ Hebrew; supplanter and is a variant of Jacob. James is a royal name associated with kings of England and Scotland. Spanish: Diego, Jaime, Yago. Scottish: Hamish.

Celebrities that have also used the name James for their little stars;

  • Art Garfunkel
  • Jon Voight
  • Belinda Carlisle
  • Jerry Hall & Mick Jagger
  • Thomas Gibson
  • Annie Potts

Source: TV Guide

Monday, 7 May 2007

Anthony Bourdain Baby

NO RESERVATIONS NEEDED FOR BABY GIRL ~ Revered chef Anthony Bourdain and his partner Ottavia Busia have welcomed a baby girl back on April 9th. The news was posted on the No Reservations forum by Anthony but no name was given at the time. The baby girl was 7lbs, 9oz and was 'beautiful' according to the proud daddy. The baby girl's name has since been reported as Ariane.

The couple wed 11 days after the birth on April 20th, 2007.

Anthony Bourdain, 50, is an author/novelist, host of the Travel Channel's No Reservations and former executive chef at NYC's Les Halles.

Ariane ~ French; very holy. Derived from the Greek, Latin name Ariadne; very holy.


Kevin Costner Baby

THE POSTMAN DELIVERS ~ According to T.V. Show Access Hollywood, Kevin Costner 52, and his wife Christine Baumgartner 33, have welcomed a son. Cayden Wyatt Costner made his arrival at 10:30 p.m. in Los Angeles last evening and weighed 7lbs, 14oz.

Cayden is the first child for the couple who have been married since September of 2004. This is Costner's second marriage and Cayden is his fifth child (Annie, 23, Lilly, 20 and Joe, 19 are from his first marriage to Cindy Silva and son Liam, 10 is from a previous relationship with heiress Bridget Rooney).

Costner won directing and best picture honours at the 1990 Academy Awards for Dances With Wolves. He has also starred in The Bodyguard, The Untouchables, Waterworld, Tin Cup, JFK and baseball movies Bull Durham and Field of Dreams.

Cayden ~ American; fighter. Variation of Caden and Cade ~ Welsh; round or barrel.

Wyatt ~ English; guide.
  • son of Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell

Photo Source: Wireimage/Lalo Yasky

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Julio Iglesias Baby

AND BABY MAKES 8 ~ Julio Iglesias, 63, is a father for the eighth time. Iglesias and his Dutch fiancee Miranda Rijnsburger, 41, delivered the couple's fifth child together on May 5th. The baby is named Guillermo after Miranda's father and is welcomed by siblings Miguel Alejandro, 9, Rodrigo, 8, and twins Victoria & Cristina, 6. The baby is also welcomed by step siblings Chabeli, 35, Julio Jr, 34, and singer Enrique, 31, from Julio's first marriage to Isabel Preysler.

Guillermo ~ Spanish; form of William (German; resolute protector; will meaning strong and helm meaning helmet. English; will helmet).


Kim Fields Baby

THE FACTS OF LIFE ~ Facts of Life alumni Kim Fields has welcomed a son, Sebastian Alexander, a exclusive. "Sam" arrived on Friday, May 4th at 11:30 a.m.

According to Fields' rep, she had an ideal pregnancy, quick labour of less than 2 hours and a smooth delivery. The baby weighed 6 lbs., 4 oz. and was 19" long.

This is the first child for Kim and her boyfriend Christopher Morgan, a Broadway actor. The couple are engaged and decided last summer to start their family.

Fields is best known for her role as Tootie Ramsey from 1979 - 1988 on the sitcom Facts of Life.

Sebastian ~ Latin; term for a person from the ancient city of Sebastia.
  • Sebastian is also the son of James Spader.
Alexander ~ Greek; defends mankind, from the word alexandros.

Celebrity parents that adore Alexander;
  • Melanie Griffith & Steven Bauer
  • William Hurt
Photo Source: Bobby Bank/WIREIMAGE

Raja Bell Baby

PHOENIX SUNS SON ~ Basketball player Raja Bell became a first time father on Wednesday May 2nd. His wife, Cindy deliver the baby boy in the afternoon via Cesarean section and Raja was back on the court hours later to play game 5 of their first-round playoff series against the Los Angeles Lakers.

The 8lb., 2oz baby boy's name is Dia which is also Raja's middle name. According to Sympatico MSN Sports, Bell is quoted as saying "That's my middle name. It means champion in West African."

Dia ~ West African; champion.

Source: Sympatico MSN Sports

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Sharron Davies Baby

BRITISH OLYMPIAN BABY ~ It's a boy for former British Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies. Hello! Magazine's, February 27th issue introduces Sharon and husband Tony's bundle of blue. Sharron became a third time mum at the age of 44, after giving birth to Finley John weighing in at 9lb 2oz on January 30th 2007.

Finn is the couple's first child and joins big sister Grace, 8, and big brother, Elliott, 13, from her previous marriage to Derek Redmond, a British Olympic sprinter.

Finley ~ Celtic/Gaelic; fair warrior.

Finley has also been favoured by;

  • Holly Marie Combs (son)
  • Corbin Bernsen (son)
  • Angie Harmon & Jason Sehorn (daughter)

John ~ Hebrew; God has been gracious. John is the name of one of Christ's disciples, and another biblical John, John the Baptist, baptized Christ in the Jordan River. John is one of the most popular names in the world and has variations in almost every language. Greek: Ioan, Ioannis, Ivan. Arabic: Yahya, Yohanna. German: Handel, Jansen, Johan, Johannes. French: Jean, Johnn. Italian: Gian, Giovani, Giovanni, Giovonni. Spanish: Juan, Juancho, Juanito. Portuguese: Joao. Teutonic: Hans. Gaelic: Iain. Celtic: Eoin. Irish: Ion, Keon, Sean. Scottish: Ian, Jock. Welsh: Iwan, Sion. Scandinavian: Jens, Jensen, Jenson. Swedish: Jan. Danish: Jantzen, Jen, Joen. Basque: Iban. Slavic: Ivano. Czech: Hanus, Honza, Ianos, Jenda. Polish: Janek. Finnish: Hannes, Joni, Jouni, Juha, Juhana, Juhani, Juho, Jukka, Jussi. Hungarian: Jena. Hawaiian; Keoni. Estonian: Jaan.

Celebrities that have also named their son's John;

  • Tracey Ullman
  • Denzel Washington
  • Michelle Pfeiffer
  • Rob Lowe
  • Jane Seymour
  • Ally Walker

Jason Gardener Baby

NOT AS FAST AS DADDY ~ According to British sprinter Jason Gardener is a father for the second time. Jason's wife Nancy delivered their bundle of blue back on March 13th. Harry, who weighed in at 9lb 12oz, is not as fast as Daddy is (yet) as he arrived almost two weeks past his due date.

Gardener won his fourth consecutive European Indoor 60km gold medal in Birmingham in March. The baby's late arrival actually was in Jason's favour as the baby was due right in the middle of the European Athletics Championships. "The Bath Bullet" may have had to miss defending his title had Nancy gone into labour on her due date.

Jason’s career high was leading off the British men's 4×100m relay quartet consisting of Darren Campbell, Marlon Devonish and Mark Lewis-Francis that struck gold at the Olympic Games in Athens, 2004.

Harry ~ English; army ruler. Familiar form of Herald or Henry.

Celebrities who have chosen Harry;

  • Billy Bob Thornton
  • David Letterman
  • Richard Dreyfuss

Photo Source: Getty Images,

Ethan Suplee Baby

MY NAME IS BILLIE ~ Ethan Suplee, My Name is Earl co-star and and his wife Brandy are the proud parents of a baby girl. Billie Grace is the second child for the couple and joins big sister Frances Clementine, 22 months and Brandy's two daughters Lily, 9 and Bella, 10. The news was confirmed in an interview with TV Guide but no date given.

Jaime Pressley who co-stars on Earl also mentioned Ethan's new arrival in her interview with TV Guide as well but again, no date given.

Billie ~ English; diminutive form of Wilhelmina.

Grace ~ Latin; grace of God. English; lovely or graceful, a virtue. Variations; Ance, Gratia (German), Grazia, Graziosa (Italian), Engracia, Gracia, Graciana, Graciela (Spanish), Grazyna (Polish), Kalake (Hawaiian), Gracella (Latin), Gracelynne, Graca, Graciene, Gracinha, Grata; familiar forms Gracelyn, Gracie.

Star babies that have got Grace;

  • Balthazar Getty
  • Elisabeth & Tim Hasselbeck
  • Wynonna Judd
  • Dave Matthews
  • Meryl Streep
  • Christy Turlington & Ed Burns

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Darryl Wakelin Baby

ADELAIDE POWERS BABY ~ Australian rules footballer Darryl Wakelin and his wife, Karmen welcomed their second child on May 1st. Gillon Mitchell joins older sister Amelie, 17 months. Wakelin is a defender for the Port Adelaide Power.

Gillon ~ Irish/Gaelic; variation of Gillean meaning servant of St. John.

Mitchell ~ Middle English; variation of Michael. Hebrew; he who is like the Lord.

Goran Visnjic Baby

ER DOC ADOPTS ~ A exclusive: Goran Visnjic, ER's Dr. Luka Kovac and his wife, Croatian artist Ivana, adopted a baby boy! According to the actor's rep, the baby's name is Tin Visnjic. The baby was born in Los Angeles on April 19th.

This is the first child for the couple who have been married since 1999.