Saturday, 14 April 2007

Anthony Field Baby

WIGGLE BABY ~ The Blue Wiggle, Anthony Field is a Daddy again. Field and wife Miki welcomed their third child together and first son Friday night. Antonio Carlos joins big sisters Lucia Angela, 3, and Maria Claire, 18 months and will also join their names that are tattooed on dad's arm.

Antonio's name is that name that the Blue Wiggle often signed off with on the official Wiggles Message Board and is also partly inspired by St Anthony, as Field is a devout Catholic according to the Sydney Morning Herald. They also cite that the baby's middle name comes from the Argentinian tango crooner Carlos Gardel.

Field and his wife Miki have been married since 2003. Anthony is the youngest of 8 children and Miki is of Greek descent.

The Wiggles are Australia's most successful entertainment act. In the past 16 years of performing around the world, they have sold 23 million videos and 6 million albums. Children all over the world love to point their fingers and do the twist with The Wiggles.

Antonio ~ Spanish/Italian; form of Antonius (from the Roman family name Antonius, which is of unknown origin).

Star babies: son of Joan Collins, Jerry Lewis, Gregory Peck, Veronica Lake, Angela Lansbury

Carlos ~ Spanish/Portuguese; strong, manly, free man. Form of Charles which is the English/French version of the Germanic word Karl; man

Photo source; Mediakoo

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