Monday, 30 April 2007

Keisha Castle-Hughes Baby

WHALE RIDER DELIVERY ~ Keisha Castle-Hughes, known for her breakout Oscar nominated role in Whale Rider and her boyfriend Bradley Hull became parents last week. The healthy 7 lb., 6 oz girl is "beautiful" as described by Castle-Hughes' publicist. Felicity-Amore made her arrival on Wednesday, April 25th at 6:35 p.m. according to

Castle-Hughes and Hull have been together for the past 3 years and are currently residing in New Zealand. The Australian native Castle-Hughes made Oscar history with her role in 2002's Whale Rider as at the age of 13, she was the youngest Best Actress nominee in Hollywood history. When Keisha met Johnny Depp at the 76th Academy Awards she looked completely star struck. Johnny obviously agreed with the buzz surrounding Castle-Hughes, he said to her "I think you're just amazing." Keisha has also been in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and in last year's The Nativity Story and will appear in the upcoming movies The Vintner's Luck and Hey, Hey, It's Esther Blueburger.

Felicity ~ Latin; happy, happiness. Feminine form of Felix.

Photo Source: WireImage/Topic

Friday, 27 April 2007

Cary Elwes Baby

PRINCESS BRIDE ~ A exclusive; Cary Elwes, star of Princess Bride and his photographer wife Lisa Marie are the proud first-time parents of a baby girl. Dominique made her arrival on Tuesday, April 24th in L.A.

According to the two met in 1991 at a Malibu chili cook-off, how's that for spicy!

Elwes has also appeared in t.v. shows The X Files and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and was in this year's film Georgia Rule .

Cary's father Dominic Elwes was a famed portrait painter, perhaps the baby's name is a tribute to his late father?

Dominique ~ French/Latin; of God, belongs to God, of the Lord. Feminine form of Domenic.

Celebrity babies: Michael Cain also chose Dominique for his daughter's name.


Thursday, 26 April 2007

Nidia Guenard Baby

WWE BABY ~ Former professional wrestler and WWE Tough Enough series star Nidia Guenard gave birth to a baby girl last week. Lilith Fey Dal Bosco was born in Italy to Nidia and her boyfriend. Nidia was released from WWE in 2003 and currently resides with her boyfriend in Italy.

Lilith ~ Arabic; of the night. Hebrew variation of Lilian.

Fey ~ variation of Fay ~ French; fairy or elf. Fay ~ English; form of Faith.

Source: Nidia's official website

Tiffani Wood Baby

EASTER LILLIAN ~ Australian singer Tiffani Wood along with her husband, Neil Cummins welcomed their daughter and first child. Lillian Adel made her arrival on April 18th. Tiffani made the announcement on her website.

Lillian ~ Latin; lily, symbolic of innocence, beauty and purity. English variation of Lilian.

Adel ~ German/Teutonic; noble, kind. Variation of Adele; of the nobility, a noble wolf.

Photo Source: Pregnancy & Birth Magazine

Friday, 20 April 2007

Nicky Byrne Babies

TWINS FOR MUSICIAN & IRISH PRIME MINISTER'S DAUGHTER ~ Westlife's Nicky Byrne and his high school sweetheart wife, Georgina Ahern, who is the daughter of Prime Minister Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, are the proud parents of fraternal twin boys. According to a statement released for the couple, the boys will be named Rocco Bertie and Jay Nicky.

The couple have been married since August 2003.

Source: RTE

Rocco ~ Italian; rock.

Celebrity baby of Madonna & Guy Ritchie

Jay ~ Latin; a bird. Variation of the name(s) Jacob, James, Jason.

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Brett Emerton Baby

TEAM SOCCEROOS NEW FAN ~ According to The Daily Telegraph, Australian Socceroos footy player Brett Emerton and his wife Sarah welcomed their first child on April 12th. Zach made his arrival in Manchester England as his daddy is also on contract to play for the Blackburn Rovers an English Premier League team.

Zach ~ Variation of Zachary ~ Hebrew; God remembers.

Photo Source: Wireimage

Monday, 16 April 2007

Matt Manfield Babies

MIRACLES COME IN TWOS ~ Former AFL player for Fitzroy, Richmond and Collingwood teams Matt Manfield and his wife Jodi have welcomed twin girls seven weeks premature on January 7th, 2007. Tillie and Maisie are a miracle for the couple. The couple tried not only unsuccessfully to have children but Matt was diagnosed with cancer. “The doctor just said, ‘There’s no easy way to tell you this, but you’ve got cancer.’ I don’t smoke, I don’t drink much, and with all the sport I was playing I thought, ‘How could this happen?’ The rest of the day was just a blur, then I thought, ‘It’s another challenge. What do we do now?’ Matt underwent successful surgery which removed the tumour and was given the news that he was all-clear after undergoing three weeks of intensive radiotherapy. The couple began IVF treatments five months later. “We had to put it on hold until the radiation was out of my body.”

Jodi was told the fantastic news when Matt was playing footy; “We found out on a Saturday, Matthew was about to go on the field and I got the call. I was thrilled. It didn’t really sink in for a couple of days.”

On the babies delivery; “They were pretty small when they were born, and in hospital for about four weeks, but everything went well. You get a lot of kicks in the guts and bad things happen, but then some good luck happens.”

Source: Australian Woman’s Day, April 16 2007 issue, page 38.

Tillie ~ English; battle strength. Abbreviation of Mathilda.

Maisie ~ English/Scottish; pearl. Abbreviation of Margaret.

Saturday, 14 April 2007

Anthony Field Baby

WIGGLE BABY ~ The Blue Wiggle, Anthony Field is a Daddy again. Field and wife Miki welcomed their third child together and first son Friday night. Antonio Carlos joins big sisters Lucia Angela, 3, and Maria Claire, 18 months and will also join their names that are tattooed on dad's arm.

Antonio's name is that name that the Blue Wiggle often signed off with on the official Wiggles Message Board and is also partly inspired by St Anthony, as Field is a devout Catholic according to the Sydney Morning Herald. They also cite that the baby's middle name comes from the Argentinian tango crooner Carlos Gardel.

Field and his wife Miki have been married since 2003. Anthony is the youngest of 8 children and Miki is of Greek descent.

The Wiggles are Australia's most successful entertainment act. In the past 16 years of performing around the world, they have sold 23 million videos and 6 million albums. Children all over the world love to point their fingers and do the twist with The Wiggles.

Antonio ~ Spanish/Italian; form of Antonius (from the Roman family name Antonius, which is of unknown origin).

Star babies: son of Joan Collins, Jerry Lewis, Gregory Peck, Veronica Lake, Angela Lansbury

Carlos ~ Spanish/Portuguese; strong, manly, free man. Form of Charles which is the English/French version of the Germanic word Karl; man

Photo source; Mediakoo

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Julie Bowen Baby

BOSTON LEGAL BABY ~ Julie Bowen of Boston Legal and her real-estate investor husband, Scott Phillips, welcomed a baby boy yesterday her rep confirmed exclusively. The baby's name is Oliver Mclanahan and is the first child for the couple. Bowen's pregnancy did not slow down her work schedule. According to, her water broke while filming one of the final episodes of the season! The couple has been married since 2004 and had been engaged since the year before that when she starred on the television show Ed. Bowen has had roles in many popular television shows; she has appeared on ABC's Lost as the ex-wife of Matthew Fox's character, plays an attorney on Boston Legal and has been on Party of Five and ER.

Oliver ~ Latin; peaceful or the olive tree (which symbolizes fruitfulness, beauty, and dignity). Norse; affectionate.

Celebrity son of Goldie Hawn, Corbin Bernsen and Martin Short.

Monday, 9 April 2007

Sophie Lee Baby

3RD CHILD FOR AUSSIE ACTOR ~ Actor Sophie Lee and her husband, Anthony Freedman recently welcomed their 3rd son. Jack is a new brother for Edie, 4 and Tom 20 months. She recently sat down with Australian Women's Weekly magazine, here are some highlights; "Motherhood is so fulfilling" says Sophie “I’ve always wanted three children. I guess I’ve got a lot happening. It was hard to find the time to fit it all in. I think motherhood is the hardest work that you can ever do. It’s easier to act or write a novel than raise children! But it’s so fulfilling, with special moments every day!” On finding her new career focus “There’s something about having children that refocuses your energies and galvanises you to go ahead in your life. I wasn’t unhappy, but I knew I wanted to write and, from that moment, I felt I had to do it.” Sophie’s first novel ‘Alice in La La Land’ is being released in April.

Source: The Australian Women’s Weekly, April issue, pages 78-80

Sophie has worked on the big screen in Muriel's Wedding and The Castle.

Jack ~ English; God has been gracious, has shown favour. Originally derived from Jacques or John but has become a very well-established as a name on its own and is very popular.

Star babies, sons of:
  • Kristian Alfosono
  • Nigel Barker & Cristen Chin
  • Martha Burns & Paul Gross
  • David Gahan
  • Lisa Linde & James Marsden
  • Virginia Madsen & Antonio Sabato Jr.
  • Vanessa Paradis & Johnny Depp
  • Luke Perry
  • Brendan Shanahan
Photo Source: Wireimage

Lluvy Gomez-Gibbs Baby

AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MOMMY ~ Lluvy Gomez-Gibbs a contestant from America's Next Top Model, Cycle 4 and her husband Carl welcomed their first child on March 30th. Asher was fashionably late, arriving 10 days past his due date. Throughout her pregnancy, Lluvy continued modeling and worked with Expecting Models. She was featured on the February issue of Stork Magazine.

Asher ~ Hebrew; blessed, happy.

Photo credit: Stork Magazine

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Joe Nathan Baby

PITCHERS SECOND DELIVERY ~ Minnesota Twins fans had more to cheer about on Wednesday, reliever Joe Nathan celebrated the birth of his second child. The Nathan family has a 2 year old son Cole and welcomed their first daughter, a healthy baby girl, Riley Grace. Joe was also on standby for his team who were playing the Baltimore Orioles. After the game was over, Joe did show up at the ballpark to reportedly hand out cigars and receive congratulations from his team who didn't need him after all, they won in a blowout.

Source: WCCO

Riley ~ Celtic/Gaelic meaning; descendant of Roghallach. Irish; brave. Originally a boy's name, variations; Rylie, Rylee, Ryleigh, Reilly

Stars that rave about Riley;

  • Howie Mandel
  • Holly Marie Combs
Grace ~ Latin; grace of God. English; lovely or graceful, a virtue. Variations; Ance, Gratia (German), Grazia, Graziosa (Italian), Engracia, Gracia, Graciana, Graciela (Spanish), Grazyna (Polish), Kalake (Hawaiian), Gracella (Latin), Gracelynne, Graca, Graciene, Gracinha, Grata; familiar forms Gracelyn, Gracie

Star babies that have got Grace;
  • Balthazar Getty
  • Elisabeth & Tim Hasselbeck
  • Wynonna Judd
  • Dave Matthews
  • Meryl Streep
  • Christy Turlington & Ed Burns

Saturday, 7 April 2007

Faith Evans Baby

EVANS-RUSSAW DELIVERY ~ Back on March 22nd, R&B songstress Faith Evans delivered her 4th child, a son Ryder Evan Russaw. She had been on bedrest in early January, but made it through 2 1/2 months to give birth to her healthy son. Ryder joins brother Joshua and older siblings Chyna, 15, Faith's daughter with Kiyamma Griffin and Christopher Jordan "CJ", 10, her son with the Notorious B.I.G.

Source: Black Voices

Ryder ~ English; horseman, Knight, Mounted Warrior. Variations in spelling Ridere, Ryder, Ridder, Rydder, Rider

Star babies; son of Kate Hudson & Chris Robinson

Evan ~ Welsh; God Is Good. Scottish; variant of John. Celtic; young warrier. Variations; Irish Ewan, Evann, Evin, Evyn.

Star babies; son of Jenny McCarthy, Diana Ross, Bruce Springsteen

Tori Spelling Baby

BABY SPELLING-McDERMOTT ~ Has arrived...Tori & Dean have named their baby Liam Aaron as a tribute to Tori's late father, legendary t.v. producer Aaron Spelling.

Liam ~ form of William, Celtic/Gaelic

Aaron ~ exalted/strong. Hebrew; the anglicized form of Aharon, meaning high mountain, lofty, or inspired. Arabic; Haroun/Harun means forest, thicken, strength.

Kevin Costner, Calista Flockhart, Monica Potter, Rod Stewart & Rachel Hunter have also chosen Liam for their little stars and Robert De Niro has a son named Aaron.

UPDATE ~ Tori, Dean & Liam are featured in the US Magazine issue that is currently on newstands. Dean speaks about how they chose the name Liam. Dean says, "I'm Scottish and I always liked it. When Liam Neeson came on the scene, I was like, 'What a great name!' It always stuck with me." Tori says, "We thought for sure it would be a girl. Then the doctors were like, 'It's a boy.' We hadn't even thought of boy names. And Dean said there was one name he always liked - Liam. And I loved it."

Photo Source: Vince Flores/Celebrity Photo

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Deborah Mailman Baby

AFI ACTOR HAS A NEW ROLE; MOMMY ~ Actor Deborah Mailman and her partner, advertising executive Matthew Coonan welcomed their first child, a son back in January named Henry Walter. The couple spoke to OK Magazine this week introducing their bundle of blue. On the delivery Deborah says; “I heard his cry first, before I saw him, and I think because my body was going through so much already, and my mind was sort of, running on empty, but it was such a relief to hear his cry! And then they popped him straight on my chest, and just holding him, it was beautiful! That moment of knowing that everything was alright.”

On his name; “Walter is named after my dad, he was always going to have Walter as his middle name, Henry was one of many names that we had but he sort of chose his own name in a way (Matthew adds) A little bit! We’d had a big list of names but by the end he just looked like a Henry.”

Source: Australian OK! Magazine, April 16 2007 issue, pages 54-59.

Mailman grew up in Mount Isa in north Queensland. She has both Australian Aborigine and Maori heritage. She is a graduate of Queensland University of Technology's Academy of the Arts and was the first Aboriginal actor to ever win the Australia Film Institute Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. The win was for her role of Nona in the Australian independent file Radiance. She has also had a successful run playing the lead role of Kelly on the Australian TV Series The Secret Life Of Us.

Henry ~ German; rules his household.

  • Dennis Hopper (actor)
  • Julia Louis Dreyfuss (actor) & Brad Hall (actor)
  • Meryl Streep (actor)
  • Heidi Klum (model) & Seal (musician) ~ Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu
  • Michelle Pfeiffer (actor)
  • Ray Baker (actor) & Patricia Richardson (actor)
  • Nancy Dolman (actor) & Martin Short (actor)
  • Jessica Osbourne (actor)
  • Patricia Richardson (actor)
  • Emily Robinson (musician) & Charlie Robinson (musician/songwriter) ~ Henry Benjamin
  • Exene Cervenka (musician) & Viggo Mortensen (actor) ~ Henry Blake
  • James Taylor (musician) ~ Henry David
  • Billy Bob Thornton (actor/director/screenwriter) ~ Henry James
  • Steve Zahn (actor) & Robin Peterman (actor) ~ Henry James
Walter ~ German; powerful warrior. Ruler of an army.
  • Margaret Welsh (actor) & John Michael Higgins (actor)

Photo Source: Wireimage

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Isaac Hanson Baby

MMMBABY ~ Isaac Hanson of the music group Hanson and his new bride Nicole welcomed their first child this morning. Clarke Everett is named after dad, who's full name is Clarke Isaac and grandfather Clarke Walker. If the newlyweds follow in the Hanson naming tradition, the baby will go by Everett.

Clarke ~ English; surname and occupational name for a clerk or secretary.

Everett ~ English; boar heard. Variation of Eberhard, Everet, Evert. English surname.

Photo Source: WireImage

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Ricky Carmichael Babies

FROM SUPERCROSS TO SUPER DAD ~ Racer Ricky Carmichael may have ended his renowned supercross motoracing career however, he has a started a new career, father to twins. On March 16th, Ricky's wife Ursula delivered a boy, Kadin and a girl Elise. According to Ricky, knowing his children were here enabled him to run his final and best race.

Kadin ~ Arabic; companion (pronounced "Ka-DEEN") or Welsh variation of Cade/Kade which is English; round or barrel. Kaden is American; fighter

  • Keith Carradine ~ Cade
Elise ~ French; form of Elisa, abbreviaton of Elisabeth. Meaning: Consecrated to God.