Thursday, 25 March 2010

What's Your Occupation?

OCCUPATIONAL NAMES ~ When someone inquires about what you do to earn a living your answer may also be someone's moniker. From Archer (English term for hunting with a bow & arrow) to Warden (keeper of a ward) occupational names, especially those after old fashioned occupations make for an interesting choice in a name. Celebrities use these classic names as well as a contemporary twist with names like "Pilot" and "Poet".

  • Bailey (son of Anthony Edwards, Tracey Gold, daughter of Stella McCartney, Melissa & Tammy Etheridge) ~ law enforcer; from Bailiff
  • Barron (Donald & Melania Trump) ~ Baron; title of nobility
  • Carter (Alan Thicke) ~ transporter
  • Chandler (Jesse James) ~ candle maker
  • Connor (Patrick Duffy, Ruth Pointer, Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise) ~ inspector
  • Cooper (Jason London, Hugh Hefner, Tim Matheson, Phillip Seymour Hoffman) ~ barrel maker
  • Deacon (Don Johnson, Reese Witherspoon & Ryan Phillippe) ~ English; pastor
  • Fletcher (Brendan Fraser) ~ arrow maker
  • Gunner/Gunnar (Nikki Six/Ricky Nelson) ~ operates a gun or cannon
  • Hunter (Niki Taylor , Terrence Howard) ~ one that hunts
  • Mason (Melissa Joan Hart, Kelsey Grammar, Cuba Gooding Jr, Laura San Giacomo, Josie Bissett & Rob Estes) ~ stone worker
  • Miller (Stella McCartney) ~ mill worker
  • Paige (Amy Locane, Ron Howard) ~ French; page, attendant
  • Parker (Rosie & Kelli O'Donnell) ~ keeper of the park
  • Pilot Inspektor (Beth Riesgraf & Jason Lee) ~ ship/plane operator
  • Piper (Gillian Anderson, Cuba Gooding Jr.) ~ pipe player
  • Poet (Soleil Moon Frye) ~ composes poetry
  • Ryder (Kate Hudson & Chris Robinson) ~ horseman, knight
  • Sage (Tracey Gold, Sylvester Stallone, Lance Henriksen) ~ English; profit
  • Sailor (Christie Brinkley) ~ mariner, sails and navigates
  • Christopher Sargent (Maria Shriver & Arnold Schwarzenegger) ~ Sergeant, servant or officer
  • Sawyer ~ (Kate Capshaw & Steven Spielberg) ~ Celtic;woodcutter
  • Scout (Demi Moore & Bruce Willis) ~ explorer
  • Sheppard (James Denton)
  • Skylar (Sheena Easton, Jolie Fisher) ~ scholar
  • Spencer ~ (Kelsey Grammar, Cuba Gooding Jr., Gena Lee Nolin) ~ keeper of provisions
  • Taylor (Emilio Estevez, Curtis Joseph) ~ tailor
  • Walker (Anne Curry & Brian Ross, John Michael Montgomery, Adrienne Barbeau & Billy Van Zandt) ~ worker in cloth

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