Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Lucy Sykes Baby

SYKES! IT'S A BOY ~ According to NY Page Six, Lucy Sykes and Euan Rellie are the proud parents of Titus Jasper Jake Icarus. Titus arrived who weighed in at 9lbs, 3oz. Titus arrived on Wednesday, March 21st weighing 9lbs, 3oz. This is the second son for the couple, big brother Heathcliff is 3 1/2.

Lucy is a designer and her twin sister, author Plum Sykes is also a mommy as she welcomed a daughter last October.

Titus ~ Latin/Greek; hero, giant.

Jasper ~ French; ornamental stone, brown, beige or red in color. Variation of Caspar. English; treasurer.

Jake ~ Hebrew; supplanter. Variation of Jacob.

Star babies:

  • son of Niki Taylor
  • son of Danny DeVito & Rhea Perlman
Icarus ~ Greek; in Greek mythology, Icarus was the son of the inventor Daedalus. While imprisoned by King Minos, his father created wings of feathers and wax to escape but warned Icarus not to fly too high or the wings would melt. Lost in the joy of flight, Icarus did not heed his father's warning and he flew too close to the sun causing the wax to melt and he fell into the sea which is named after him, the Icarian Sea.

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