Thursday, 22 March 2007

Trevor St. John Baby

A LIFE TO LIVE ~ One Life to Live actor Trevor St. John and his bride Sara welcomed their new life yesterday, a son, Aidan Lee.

Aidan ~ Celtic/Gaelic; little fire, fiery (alternative spelling ~ Aiden)

Other Celebrities that have also adored Aidan;

  • Tracey Gold ~ Aiden Michael
  • Scott Hamilton ~ Aidan McIntosh
  • Sarah O'Hare ~ Aidan Patrick

Lee ~ English; field/meadow or diminutive form of names beginning with Le, adapted surname (variations Leigh, Lay, Leah)

Celebrities that have used Lee as a name/middle name;

  • Trace Adkins ~ Trinity Lee
  • Martin Gore ~ Viva Lee, Ava Lee
  • Gena Lee Nolan ~ Hudson Lee
  • Quincey Jones ~ Rashida Leah
  • Tony Curtis & Janet Leigh ~ Jamie Lee, Kelly Lee
  • Lee Majors ~ Lee II
  • Kimora & Russell Simmons ~ Ming Lee, Aoki Lee
  • Sean Young ~ Quinn Lee

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