Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Antonia Kidman Baby

4TH BABY FOR KIDMAN ~ According to Australian News, t.v. personality Antonia Kidman has rounded out out her family with the arrival of her second daughter and fourth child with Angus Hawley. Sybella joins their other children; Lucia, Hamish and James. Sybella made her arrival this morning, the same day she was honoured for her work on a television program about pregnancy. "From Here to Maternity" is an 8 part series that is being decorated with many accolades.

Sybella ~ Greek; oracle or the Prophetess Sibyl (according to Greek legend, the sibyls were a group of ten female prophets who worshipped Apollo and were named after Sibyl the first of their kind. Variation of the English name Sybil.

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