Saturday, 7 April 2007

Tori Spelling Baby

BABY SPELLING-McDERMOTT ~ Has arrived...Tori & Dean have named their baby Liam Aaron as a tribute to Tori's late father, legendary t.v. producer Aaron Spelling.

Liam ~ form of William, Celtic/Gaelic

Aaron ~ exalted/strong. Hebrew; the anglicized form of Aharon, meaning high mountain, lofty, or inspired. Arabic; Haroun/Harun means forest, thicken, strength.

Kevin Costner, Calista Flockhart, Monica Potter, Rod Stewart & Rachel Hunter have also chosen Liam for their little stars and Robert De Niro has a son named Aaron.

UPDATE ~ Tori, Dean & Liam are featured in the US Magazine issue that is currently on newstands. Dean speaks about how they chose the name Liam. Dean says, "I'm Scottish and I always liked it. When Liam Neeson came on the scene, I was like, 'What a great name!' It always stuck with me." Tori says, "We thought for sure it would be a girl. Then the doctors were like, 'It's a boy.' We hadn't even thought of boy names. And Dean said there was one name he always liked - Liam. And I loved it."

Photo Source: Vince Flores/Celebrity Photo

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