Friday, 2 February 2007

Patrick Dempsey Babies

THE McTWINS HAVE ARRIVED ~ Patrick Dempsey who plays Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy, his wife Jillian and big sister Talula welcomed twin boys according to Darby Galen and Sullivan Patrick arrived on February 1st in Los Angeles. The boys are named after their father, Galen is Patrick's middle name. Dempsey and his wife who is a stylist and cosmetics designer have been married since 1999.

Darby ~ Irish; free man. Norse; from the deer estate.

Galen ~ Greek; calm. English; tranquil. Variation Gaelic; Gaelan.

Sullivan ~ Irish; dark eyes. Gaelic/Celtic. Surname.

Patrick ~ Latin/Irish/English; noble, patrician Saint.

Celebrities that prefer Patrick;

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver
  • Tom Berenger
  • John Wayne

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